B Side Recordings

I am excited to announce the launch of ‘B Side Recordings’! B Side will be the primary outlet through which I will be releasing my own music. It was a decision I came to as a result of being left to my own devices during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine. I am restless, musically and otherwise. I am also an incorrigible introvert and love being left inside my own head to ponder, wonder and wander. There were many sources of inspiration +models +templates for starting my own “label”. I am just going to jump in, head first

There will be two components (1) the B Side main catalog consisting of full albums and singles and (2) the B Side Bootleg Series, all of which are housed at bsiderecordings.com masterfully built by John Christensen Web Design.

At the moment, the back catalogue is available, plus the most recent addition of the “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” single from 2010. There will be a whole slew of upcoming releases including new singles, a KASE cassette, new bootlegs, and more!

I appreciate you following along this journey and stay tuned!

“B SIde Recordings was created to support the release of my original material, regardless of style or genre and without concern for the hustle and bustle of the modern music industry. B Side is simply me sharing my ideas with the world.”