KASE, Season Two: Full Bloom

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Imagine the journey of intentionally finding joy
every single day
sifting through all the shit
to intentionally find joy
every single day
like, how do you do that?
how do you empty your mind?
to just focus on that single, solitary piece of joy
it’s a choice, right?
a decision that has to be made
to be at peace
to do what you love
to manifest this beautiful vision
that you, only you behold
it’s like a seed, right?
what if we all planted one seed,
of one single piece of joy
that we would experience every day
what would our gardens look like?
how would our hearts feel?
it could be so simple as
greeting each other
or smiling
offering a word of encouragement
a little piece of kindness
a “go ahead you can do it!”
you can do it do it!
and do it every day
finding joy
intentionally on purpose
in the same way we find discomfort
in somebody cutting us off in traffic, or
that little piece of trash on the side of the road, or
the way that once person looked at you that one day a long time ago, or
or you could find joy
or you could intentionally find joy
like, what would happen right now if you
intentionally cracked a smile?
cuz you’re digging this vibe right now
what would happen?
if you intentionally, everyday
it could be something as simple as making up your bed with all 15 pillows
making breakfast
or making that call to somebody that you missed
that you just wanted to hear the sound of their voice
i mean
you might find joy in that break of sun on a rainy day
in that glimpse of light
you might find joy in hearing from your sister
that its all going to be alright
intentionally finding joy
sifting through the shitstorm that life be bringing sometimes
but something good happens everyday
just as frequently as what we perceive as bad
I am finding joy
everyday that I have life

-Tiffany Miller

(Photo Old Man Malcolm)

released September 2, 2022

JAMIE BREIWICK: trumpet & electronics
JOHN CHRISTENSEN: upright bass
JORDAN LEE: turntables & electronics
*special guest TIFFANY MILLER: spoken word (S2E3)

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by JORDAN LEE
Photography by ANDREW TRIM
Design by JAMIE BREIWICK, B Side Graphics

Episodes 1-4, 6, 7 recorded live at SAINT KATE ARTS HOTEL
Episodes 5, 8 recorded live at THE JAZZ ESTATE
Milwaukee, WI

All music by Jamie Breiwick, John Christensen, and Jordan Lee.
Words by Tiffany Miller