The Third Story podcast interview

I was recently interviewed for Leo Sidran's wonderful podcast, The Third Story.
Listen here –– episode: "The Ones That Got Away, 2022 Holiday Edition"

I have been a big fan of The Third Story for quite some time - if you haven't checked it out before, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Leo has been producing these wonderful long form interviews for a number of years. The Third Story was recently and deservingly added to the roster at the mighty WBGO in Newark/NYC (88.3FM in the greater metro-NYC area), the beaming bastien of American art in the world's cultural center. Each episode is well-produced, smart, thoroughly researched, and absolutely entertaining. While all of the episodes are fantastic, here are a few of my favorite past interviews I've revisited numerous times:

Episode 2 - Michael Leonhart | Episode 44 - Dave King | Episode 52 - Larry Goldings
Episode 59 - Kurt Elling | Episode 79 - Mob Town Tour, Vol. 3 - Is Jazz Still Regional?
Episode 122 - Kassa Overall | Episode 129 - Donald Fagen  | Episode 164 - Jason Moran
Episode 172 - Philip Dizack

Leo Sidran, Ben Sidran, JB